As a manufacturer of high-quality industrial grade band saws, Amada Marvel understands that sawing applications and environments can vary greatly from one customer to the next. For this reason, Amada Marvel is proud to offer custom designed solutions to fit your specific needs. Our custom solutions include material loading and unloading, storage and transfer systems as well as custom options and programming.

Amada Marvel is very proud of our custom engineering staff and the solutions we provide. Our custom sawing team will review your requirements, perform a needs analysis, and deliver a custom solution guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

With many years of experience in providing sawing solutions, Amada Marvel is uniquely qualified to provide you with the answers you need to increase productivity.


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Amada Marvel Material Handling Systems


PB360 for oil-drilling pipe

The recent boom in oil and natural gas drilling has created an increasing demand for oil field pipe. In order to help our pipe processing customers increase production, we developed a new version of our Spartan PB360 band saw that is designed specifically for cutting and handling pipe. The “V” rollers and vertical clamping keep the pipe centered for both trim cuts and cut to length, while the ”V” roller conveyors rapidly move the pipe in and out of the saw. The PB360 can handle pipe up to 13” in diameter, while our PB460 will cut pipe up to 18”.


Beyond providing Amada Marvel’s standard product lines of high-quality industrial bandsaws and customized Material Handling Systems, Amada Marvel also provides custom Sawing solutions.In addition to our standard production saw models and dour custom material handling systems, Amada Marvel also provides Sawing Solutions to help our customers improve product quality and increase productivity. A recent example took the form of a one of a kind Dual Head Ring Saw, which was specifically designed to cut large diameter forged rings. The saw consists of two massive vertical columns mounted on either side of a rotating chuck which spins the rings as they are being cut. Replacing the previously used abrasive saws with this new solution resulted in savings of thousands of dollars per day by enabling the chips to be recycled, while improving cutting times by as much as 70%.Other sawing solutions include custom modifications to existing saws to fit various lines of production.Contact us today with your idea for a Custom Sawing Solution!

Amada Marvel understands throughput is key to manufacturers and typically the first cut into raw material begins with a bandsaw. Just prior to and after cutting Amada Marvel’s Material Handling Systems are designed to quickly and safely move your material in and out of the saw.


Amada Marvel engineering develops custom entry systems to load, and carry your material to the cutting blade.


Amada Marvel engineering develops custom entry systems to carry the material to the next step in a manufacturer’s process.