S-36V High Speed Vertical Contour Saw

  • High Speed Metal Cutting Vertical Contour Saw
  • 3 H.P.
  • 1” Blade
  • Tilt Blade

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Blade to Column: 36"; Work Height: 12"
.125" - 1"; Blade Length 197 3/4" (The start up blade provided is ½” width, 12/14 TPI)
Machine Base
The base is constructed from heavy gauge steel providing a rigid, heavy-duty foundation, reducing vibration during cutting even at high speeds.
Blade Guides
The blade guides are universal V-type carbide with an adjustable carbide backup. The V guides and the backup button are adjustable for the full range of blades from .125” to 1”.
Blade Tension
The manual blade tension device assures that no matter what width blade is being used the proper tension is achieved. The tension indicator assures fast, easy and accurate settings. The upper wheel has up to 3” of take-up.
Blade Speed
Blade speeds are infinitely adjustable through a two-speed worm and worm gear transmission. Speeds of 50-415 and 550-5000 SFPM allow for cutting almost any type of material.
Blade Wheels
Three (3) balanced cast iron blade wheels are pre-loaded with ball bearing hubs to assure long life even when running at high speed. The rubber crowned tire mounted to each wheel preserves the blade’s tooth set.
Upper Guide Arm
The upper guide arm is adjustable for varying material sizes. The guide arm is moved via handwheel and rack and pinion device. Once the correct height is set, the arm can then be locked in place. Maximum height is 12”
The saw is constructed of cast iron to reduce vibration while cutting and has one slot to the right of the blade to accommodate accessories and other fixturing. The table tilts 45 degrees right and 10 degrees left. Table size is 23.5” x 27.5" and 17.5" x 27.5" .Work height is 40”.
Blade Welder
The blade welder has a capacity of .125” – .75". With the annealer, grinder and blade shear, complete blades can be easily made to whatever length is required. A blade can also be broken and re-welded for hole cutting.
Rip Fence
Miter Gauge
Circle Cutting Attachment
Magnifying Glass
Manual Feed Screw