S330/2/HV Horizontal Mitering Saw

  • Swivel Head
  • High Speed
  • Horizontal
  • Metal Cutting
  • 3 H.P.
  • 60° Miter Cutting
  • Hydraulic Vise

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Capacity: 90°
12” H x 18” W Rectangle, 13” Round.
Capacity: 45°
11” H x 12” W Rectangle, 13” Round.
Capacity: 60°
11” H x 8” W, 9.5” Round.
13’ 6” L x 1” W x .035” T.
Blade Tension
Manual tension (30,000 psi) provides consistent square cutting accuracy.
Speed Range
Blade speed is infinitely variable through an Inverter Drive heavy-duty worm gear transmission. Blade speeds are 60 to 330 FPM. The broad speed range allows for optimum cutting of a large spectrum of materials.
Hydraulic Down Feed
Infinitely variable feed rate is hydraulically controlled for fast, accurate cutting. Settings are made at the operator’s control station.
Hydraulic Frame Return
The saw frame is raised hydraulically using a push button mounted on the operator’s control panel.
Blade Drive: 3 H.P., Hydraulic Pump: 1/2 H.P., Coolant Pump Motor: 1/8 H.P. - Machines are available with either 230 or 460 volt, 3 ph., 60 Hz. Electrics.
Blade Guides
Carbide Blade Guides provides reduced vibration, heat and blade stress providing longer blade life and accuracies of ± .002 per inch of cut material.
Chip Brush
Powered from the drive wheel of the saw, the brush changes speed with the blade to assure that chips are being removed from each gullet, improving cutting performance and blade life.
Vise Jaw
Hydraulic vise design clamps and holds the work piece securely. The vise is operated by a selector switch located on the operator’s control panel. Maximum vise opening is 18”.
The saw frame swivels a full 60° to the rear and 45° to the front for optimum miter cutting capability. The pivot shaft has sealed bearings for maintenance free operation, while a pointer and angle scale (-60° TO + 45°) make setup fast and easy. Stops are provided at -60° and +45°.
Operators Control Panel
Operation of the machine is safe and convenient from the swing arm pedestal mounted on the machine base. Control Voltage is 110V.
Crated Machine Weight
3,000 lbs.
Machine Dimensions
82.5” L x 86.5” W x 53.25” H
Diameter of Cast Iron Blade Wheels
Work Height
Built in Coolant System
6 Gallon Coolant Tank
Guide Arm with Dove tail Slide
Free Standing Control Console
Replaces standard control console mounted to machine base with a free standing pedestal and flexible electrical and hydraulic lines.
Variable Vise Pressure
Hydraulic clamping pressure to the work holding jaws can be adjusted as required to hold solid or thin wall material.
Free Standing Roller Table
Table is constructed from 3” x 4.1 lb./ft. Channel with five 2.5” diameter ball bearing rollers on 12” Centers and two track stands. Track sections can be used on either the loading or discharge side of the machine and are free standing.