PS 2828/5/8 Plate Saw

  • Vertical Moving Head Plate Saw
  • 2″ Blade

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27.5" (700 mm) Height x 27.5" (700 mm) Width x 59" (1.5 meters) Length
Speed Range
50 - 245 SFPM (15-75m/min.)
Feed Rate
.080-20"/m (2-500mm/min.)
Blade Size
2” x .063” x 22' 33.75” (54mm x 1.3mm x 6800mm)
Support Table Width
Inner Table: 27.5", Outer Table: 27.5"
Blade Drive: 7.5 H.P., Hydraulic Pump: 2 H.P., Coolant Pump: 1 H.P.
Automatic Chip Removal
The chip auger rotating in the coolant return removes chips quickly and efficiently, freeing the operator to perform more productive operations.
Blade Guides
Hydraulically clamped carbide blade guides with hydraulic controlled upper blade guide arm.
Machine Height
12' 1.67" (3700mm)
Machine Weight - 5
19,800 lbs
Machine Weight - 8
25,300 lbs
Laser Alignment Light
Projects a light beam to line up width of the cut on incoming work pieces.
Out-of-Square Detector
Hydraulically Lifted Table w/Ball Transfer
Hydraulically Lifted Table w/Ball Transfer