PB 2743S Horizontal Mitering Saw

  • Heavy-Duty
  • Dual Post
  • Two-Way Swivel
  • Horizontal
  • Metal Cutting
  • 10 H.P.
  • 2” Blade
  • Up to 60° Mitering

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Capacity: 90°
27.5" x 43"
Capacity: 45°
26.75" x 27.5"
Capacity: 60°
18.875" x 27.5"
2" x 31' 6" x .063"
Saw Frame
The saw frame is canted at a 8° angle for faster cutting of structural and other flat materials. The saw base is Swivels to 45° one direction and 60° the other, for miter cutting. A ½ hp (400 W.) motor turns the machine base and the degree of angle is read out on a LED DISPLAY. The Heavy Duty Saw Frame rides up and down a Linear Way Guide System.
Blade Tension
Hydraulically controlled tension (35,000 psi) provides consistent square cutting accuracy. The Motion Detector will shut the machine off should a blade break or stall. Blade Wheel Diameter is 34.625” to provide maximum blade life.
Speed Range
50-325 SPFM (15-100m/min.) infinitely variable through a frequency inverter system and a heavy duty Worm Gear Transmission. The broad speed range allows for optimum cutting of a large spectrum of materials. An Electric Tachometer assures accurate speed settings.
Hydraulic Down Feed
Feed rate and pressure can be controlled independently for fast, accurate cutting. Setup is made easy through the color coded dial allowing the operator to select the best setting for the type of material being cut.
Blade Drive: 10 H.P. (7.5 kW), Hydraulic Pump Motor: 3 H.P. (2.2 kW), Oil Mist Coolant System: 1/4 HP, (180W), Wire Brush Motor: 1/8 HP (90W), Table Rotation: 1/2 HP, (400W)
Blade Guides
A combination of roller bearing and hydraulically actuated carbide blade guides assures the blade is held taut for fast, accurate cuts. The cast iron Movable Guide Arm is positioned through a Hydraulic Cylinder, then is Hydraulically Locked in position.
Chip Brush
An Independent Motor drives the Blade Brush to assure complete removal of chips from each gullet of the blade assuring optimum cutting performance and enhanced blade life.
Fast Approach
Work height is automatically set allowing the head to raise just enough to clear the work piece, reducing cycle time and allowing for faster cutting performance.
Vise Jaws
Full Stroking Vise Jaws and a Vertical Clamp Devise assure the work piece is secure and eliminating excessive vibration during the cut providing better blade life and cleaner cuts. Minimum Clamping Capacity is 16.125” (410mm).
An Independent Electric Cabinet and Control Panel allow the operator to position the controls for optimum viewing of the cutting area. A PLC controls all electrical and hydraulic functions.
Machine Floor Space
½” H x 165-3/8” W x 74-5/8” D (2250H x 4200W x 1900Dmm)
Machine Weight
17,600 lbs
Miter Cutting
Blade Wheels Diameter
34 5/8"
Hydraulic Capacity
16 gals
Table Height
37 in
Other Standard Features
Miter Cutting 45-0-60
34-5/8" Diameter Blade Wheels
Automatic Saw Frame Return
Laser cut line indicator
Independent Electrical Cabinet and Operator Control
Work Light
Powered Angle Setting w/ LED Display
Independent Drive Blade Brush
Oil Mist Coolant System
Feed Pressure Compensation System
Infinitely Variable Blade Speed
Vertical Clamping Devise
Powered Movable Guide Arm w/ Lock
Hydraulically Actuated Carbide Blade Guides
Full Stroke Vise Jaws
8° Canted Saw Frame
Coolant Flush Hose
One Parts and Operational Manual
One Saw Blade
Out-of-Square Detector
Laser Alignment Light
2 meter dead roller table
2 meter power roller table
Automatic Series
39” long Shuttle
58” long Shuttle
117” long Shuttle