P-150C Carbide Circular Saw

  • Automatic Carbide Circular Saw
  • 460mm Diameter Blade

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Round: Min. 2-3/4”, Max. 5.9”; Square: Min. 2-3/4”, Max. 4-1/8”; Rectangle: Min. 2-3/4”, Max. 4-3/4”.
460 mm x 2.7 mm.
Blade Speed Range
30 – 130 RPM controlled through an Inverter Drive.
Servo Blade Feed
Servo drive blade feed and precision ball screw provide precision and vibration free cutting. Cutting force is infinitely adjustable to accommodate different types of material. An electro-magnetic brake device eliminates transmission backlash.
Blade Guides
Four carbide inserts provide additional support for the blade allowing for the use of thinner blades, reducing kerf loss.
Blade Drive: 20 H.P., Hydraulic: 5 H.P.
Machine vises clamp the material from the sides as well as vertically. The floating shuttle vise retracts the material as the saw blade returns, preventing contact as the blades return to the start position.
Mist Lubrication and Air Filter
The mist lubrication system assures long blade life by lubricating the blade causing heat to be taken by the chip and not the material or blade. The air filter keeps the working environment clean by filtering air from the saw before it is passed back into the shop (requires compressed air connection).
Touch Screen Controls
The user-friendly touch screen allows the operator to select material type and set the number of teeth in the blade and job. Parameters are automatically set. Storage of up to 9 different jobs is available. The self-diagnostic feature allows for on-screen trouble shooting.
Automatic Shuttle Vise
The shuttle vise is servo driven through a ball screw and will index from 3/8” to 27-1/2” in a single shuttle. Shuttle lengths up to 70-3/4” can be achieved via multi-index with the shuttle traveling at 40 ft/min. The shuttle table includes an automatic lubrication system. The shuttle vise floats to accommodate crooked stock.
Loading Table
The automatic loading table allows for storage of bar stock and fully automatic feeding. The bar stock is lifted piece by piece and fed into the saw. Table weight capacity is 10,780 lbs.
Hydraulic Automatic Sorting Chute
The sorting chute automatically directs the trim cut and remnant away from good cut pieces.
Independently Powered Chip Brush
The chip brush assures chips are removed from the gullet of the blade providing straighter cuts and longer blade life.
Chip Conveyor
The paddle-type chip conveyor removes chips from the machine base and automatically deposits them in a collection container.
Machine Weight
10,780 lbs.
Floor Space
10’ 2” L x 23’ 6” W
Chip Blower for Tube Cutting (min. tube wall thickness - .157”)
Patented Vacuum System for Tube Cutting
Variable Vise Pressure
Coolant System