The New P230B High-Speed Carbide Circular Saw

Marvel Mfg. Co. has expanded their line of High-Speed Carbide Circular Saws with the addition of the new P230B. This new high production machine features a 9 inch maximum capacity on rounds and a 6.3 inch maximum capacity on squares. As with our other three sizes (2.5”, 4” and 6”) the new model is designed … Continued

Proud Affiliate of Metal Service Center News

Marvel Manufacturing is proud to announce that we are now an affiliate member of Metal Service Center Institute (MSCI).  For over 100 years Metal Service Center Institute has been supporting and providing services to member companies who supply steel, aluminum, stainless, and brass metals to industries worldwide.  

Blade Break-in

Proper break-in of a new band saw blade ensures longer blade life, faster cuts and consistent performance. Think of a new band saw blade as if it was a freshly sharpened pencil, one cannot push down hard on the pencil point without breaking the tip. The teeth on a new blade are razor-sharp much like … Continued

Come visit us at Fabtech!

November 18th-21st  Marvel Manufacturing will be showcasing our products at Fabtech 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. Come visit us at North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. Stop by our booth and  preview some of our many solutions to your cutting needs. Each visitor will have a chance to enter and win a … Continued


        On May 1st, 2013, the 5th grade students from Smith Elementary School in Oshkosh, WI ( made a field trip to Marvel Manufacturing Company, Inc.  The students were broken up into small groups as Marvel employees led them on a tour of Marvel’s manufacturing plant and offices.  While on the tour, … Continued

TIP: Using Peripheral devices with the PC3 controls

The Marvel’s PC3 saw control has the ability to utilize other input devices such as a keyboard and mouse. These tools are often not well suited to the sawing environment and can be clumsy to have around. However, the right combination of an industrialized mouse and keyboard can make some data entry tasks easier.

On the side of the touch screen enclosure there is a USB port. This is typically used to import and export part data and machine settings, but can be used to connect a mouse and/or keyboard.

Additionally, the USB port could be used to plug in a standard bar-code scanner. Bar-code readers could be useful for loading parts into the control. This would be a simplified alternative to assure production consistency.

Some of this enhanced functionality needs further testing and development, but maybe used at the customer’s discretion. If you have more questions, help can be provided through contacting our service department.

Note: There may be some compatibility issues with certain brands of hardware as we have not tested every make and model.

Two Companies Representing Quality American Manufacturing

Henry Repeating Arms of Bayonne, New Jersey and Marvel Mfg. Co. of Oshkosh, Wisconsin have a lot in common.  Both companies have been manufacturing in America for over 100 years (Henry since 1860 and Marvel since 1904), both are known for producing high quality products and both companies pride themselves on their customer service.  The customer … Continued

Marvel Invests in American Value

As part of the introduction of the new American made MARVEL Ironworkers, Marvel Manufacturing invested $1.3 Million into its Oshkosh, WI facility in 2013.  This investment not only increases Marvel’s potential for new products, but allows for tighter quality control and reduced manufacturing lead times for existing products. The SNK RB4 Gantry Style Milling machine … Continued

One Marvel for Another

One American icon keeps another running on time There are few images more iconic to both New York residents and visitors than the Staten Island Ferry.  First launched in 1905 this landmark institution is as vital today as it was when it first began. The eight ferries that make up the Staten Island fleet carry … Continued